Welcome has always been one of the leading innovators in terms of Technology, with many of the world's famous innventors born in Scotland. We have included some of Scotland's Technology Pioneers below.

We would also like to add Technology experts/companies from across the globe with Scottish links. Can you suggest any?

Biotech Scotland - Promotes Scotland's biotech sector through news and information from the Scottish and worldwide biotech community.

Electronics Scotland - The new body which represents the electronics industry in Scotland, coerced and funded by the sector. Within the site is a company directory and a recruitment section.

Elvingston Science Centre - Provides a specialist backdrop for developing science and knowledge based leading edge technology. Provides a purpose built r&d facility with conference centre.

Microelectronics in Scotland - This is a site devoted to the businesses and bodies involved with the semiconductor and microelectronics industry in Scotland.

Scottish Technology and Research - STAR centres are designed to help Scottish businesses who want to break into the American market. Contains a brochure and a brief overview.

Technology Ventures Scotland -Technology Ventures Scotland aim to cultivate the industrial and economic status in Scotland. Includes an online community and an online research facility.


Famous Inventors

John Logie Baird