Sport is very important to all Scots, especially when the Scotland team is playing, and even more so when we're up against the English. It's a game that all Scots want to win.

We are also very proud of our Tartan Army who follow the Scotland Football team all over the globe, and have been regularly awarded for being the world's friendliest fans. We have a section dedicated to the Tartan Army and it contains a few photographs from recent games.

BBC Sport - The television channel's sport's page mixing news and humour.

Golf 3000 - Informative site for golfers covering courses, accommodation, and more.

Scottish Football Association - Official site of Scotland's national football body, with everything you need to know about Scottish football.

Scottish Rugby Union - Scotland's representative body for rugby in Scotland, at club, district and national level.

Sport Scotland - The national agency who promote sports opportunities for Scots at all levels, regardless of their interest and ability.

Tennis Scotland - The governing body for Tennis in Scotland.




Shinty: Kingussie






World Cup > Scotland are in the process of trying to qualify for the finals of the World Cup

Scots Sporting Heroes

Colin Macrae

David Coulthard

Alan Baxter

Janice Curler

Jim Baxter

Colin Montgomerie

Sam Torrance




Tennis Scotland